beginner surf lessons

riding your first wave is unforgettable

If you want to experience the surf for the first time, or you’re still getting to grips with the basics, why not book a place on one of our beginner surf lessons at Towan or Fistral beach.

Our qualified instructors will take care of you in and out of the water to help you progress your surfing skills. You’ll be treated to custom designed surf boards and the best surf kit to suit your needs and enable you to get the best from your session. Book your beginner surf lesson in Newquay today.

£40 per person

Surf lessons at Towan Beach

Surf from our HQ at Towan Beach. Step out of our friendly, fully equipped surf school, right into the sea. If you want to experience the surf for the first time, or you’re still getting to grips with the basics, join us for a two-hour group lesson and start progressing your surfing skills.

Fistral Beach van trips

Would you like to surf a different wave? Our surf van will transport you in style from our Headquarters to the renowned Fistral Beach, where you can experience the same exceptional level of service and have a blast in the process.
For people aged 14 years and over.

what to expect

  • 2 hour surfing lesson
  • Use of custom made surf boards to suit you
  • Top of the range O’Neill wetsuit, that will keep you warm in all weather
  • All other surf equipment; rash vest, leash, surf wax
  • Beach conditions and safety chat
  • An introduction to surf lingo
  • Beach warm-up
  • Group lessons have a ratio of 1:8 students
  • For Fistral beach van trips – Please note that the minimum age for these trips is 14, and you’ll be required to provide your date of birth at the time of booking.

It’s time to get wet! This is where the fun begins. Our beginner surf lessons will ensure you have the best support to get you started riding the waves, whether you have never been in the sea before, or just tried surfing or body boarding a couple of times. We’ll tailor our sessions to ensure you get the best experience possible and we’ll have you standing in no time.

You’ll be introduced to your new board and cover the fundamentals on the beach before putting them into practice with your instructor who’s there to help you get up and riding and have the time of your life.

We pride ourselves with offering only the best to our students – new riders get the use of our specialist range of beginner boards, crafted with beginners in mind. We’ll help you get the basics right and the board will do the rest, as they are designed to get you standing and shredding the waves in no time.