Group Lessons

Group surf lessons at Watergate Bay, Newquay


Beginner lessons include:

• 1 x 2 hour surfing lesson
• Use of custom made surf boards to suit you
• Top of the range O’Neill wetsuit, that will keep you warm in all weather
• All other surf equipment; rash vest, leash, surf wax
• Beach conditions and safety chat
• Surf lingo
• Beach warm up
• Group lessons have a ratio of 1:8 students

It’s time to get wet! This is where the fun begins, our lessons will ensure you have the best support to get started riding the waves whether you have never stepped foot in the sea before or just tried surfing or body boarding a couple of times, we’ll tailor our sessions to ensure you get the best experience you possibly could, we’ll have you standing in no time!


You’ll be introduced to your new board and cover the ( FUN ) fundamentals on the beach before putting them into practice with your instructor who’s there to help you get up and riding and have the time of your life.

We pride ourselves with offering only the best to our students, new riders get the use of our Ben Skinner Soft Top Boards, lovingly crafted with beginners in mind, we’ll help you get the basics right and the board will do the rest, built by professionals its designed to get you standing and shredding the waves in no time.


Improver Lessons include:
  • 1 x 2 hour surfing lesson
  • Surf lessons on our specially designed Ben Skinner Pro Model Carbon fibre boards.
  • Top of the range O’Neill wetsuits that will keep you warm in all weather
  • Surf warm-up
  • Surf condition assessment and Safety
  • Safely manoeuvring inside waves
  • Good board control and awareness of other surfers and your surroundings
  • Surfing technique and ability
  • Wave priority rules
  • Speed control and direction
  • How to turtle roll/duck dive depending of skill level and conditions
  • Achieving a better stance
  • Introduction to paddling outback
  • Introduction to turning the board
  • Introduction to catching small green waves
  • Introduction to surfing down the line

So maybe you’ve had a few surf lessons already? You’ve caught the bug like the rest of us! If you’re comfortable catching waves and popping to your feet why not come on our improver course where we can work with you to take things up a notch.

With our pro model boards you get 3 different models to choose from: Smoothie, Blender or Wrangler, all made with thunderbolt technology designed to push your surfing skills to a whole new level.

We’ll coach you to improve your techniques getting you catching green waves and learning how to improve your turning techniques and pop ups.