improver surf lessons

keep improving to stay motivated and take your surfing to the next level

You’ve had a few surf lessons already, and you’ve caught the bug like the rest of us! If you’re comfortable catching waves and popping to your feet, the improver surf lessons would be the perfect next step. With a combination of the right coaching, equipment, and conditions, we’ll help you to progress your surfing skills and take things up a notch.

£45 per person

what to expect

  • 1 x 2 hour surfing lesson
  • Surf on one of our top-of-the-range surfboards suited to your skill level
  • Wear one of our top of the range O’Neill wetsuits that will keep you warm in all weather
  • Surf warm-up
  • Surf condition assessment and safety
  • Advice on safely manoeuvring inside waves
  • Advice on good board control and awareness of other surfers and your surroundings
  • Assessment of your surfing technique and ability
  • Coaching on wave priority rules
  • How to control speed and direction
  • How to turtle roll/duck dive depending of skill level and conditions
  • How to achieve a better stance
  • Introduction to paddling outback
  • Introduction to turning the board
  • Introduction to catching small green waves
  • Introduction to surfing down the line


During the lesson we’ll coach you to assess the water and conditions, whilst improving your technique – moving you from the white wash to safely catching green waves. You’ll learn how to improve your turning techniques and riding skills, enabling you to ride bigger waves and have more fun.

You’ll ride a board suited to your current surfing level from the SSS range of specialist boards. From Softtech Brain Child boards to Ben Skinner carbon fibre long boards, each board will be chosen to push your surfing skills and maximise your progression.